The Glitch Cookbook is one man’s endeavour to procure all of the ingredients and cook all of the recipes that appear in the on-line game, Glitch.

The cookbook is compiled by David Wilkinson, better known within Glitch as dopiaza. By day, he makes his living writing software, but in his spare time he enjoys creating nice things to eat (and, of course, then eating them).

He’s also responsible for the web site Startling Fecundity, which hosts an array of Glitch tools and gizmos, and has written a number of articles for the Glitch Developer Blog.

Whilst the expected audience for this blog is mainly other players of Glitch, it is hoped that non-players too can enjoy the recipes. If, on the other hand, you prefer your food writing without constant references to on-line gaming, then you might like to check out dopiaza’s other food blog, Nothing But Onions.

Unless otherwise stated, all the photographs on this site are Copyright David Wilkinson. The various Glitch graphics are all Copyright Tiny Speck Inc.