• Rice

We’ll kick off the Glitch Cookbook with a look at one of the most common foodstuffs in the world — rice. It’s the principal food for around half of the world’s population, and for many people is their primary source of energy. It was first cultivated around nine thousand years ago, and now has a well-earned place in our daily diet. Most rice that we come across is Oryza sativa, or Asian Rice, although you might also find some of the less common Oryza glaberrima, or African Rice.

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Welcome to the Glitch Cookbook.

If you’ve spent any time at all playing Glitch, you’ll have seen that food plays a pretty big part in the game. Your character not only has to eat regularly to keep his or her energy up, but there’s a vast array of Glitchian dishes to choose from. As you work through the cooking side of the skill tree, there are dozens of meals, drinks and snacks that you can learn to make.

I felt the world needed to explore the cuisine of Ur in a little more depth, and so this web site was born. The aim is to work through the various foods found in Glitch, and to recreate them in the real world. There will be full recipes included, together with photographs of the finished creations.

Naturally, a little creative licence will be necessary, for not all the ingredients used in Glitch are readily obtainable out in the real world – certainly, the last time I looked, Waitrose didn’t seem to have any butterfly milk in stock. The dishes presented here may not be completely faithful renditions of their Glitchian counterparts, but the goal is to keep to the spirit of the original, whilst ending up with something that you would be more than happy to eat.

So, there I’ve laid out the challenge. At the moment, the cookbook is empty, but over the coming weeks, we’ll start filling in the pages with an array of tempting nibbles. We’ll cover everything from the simplest Fried Egg, to the rich succulence of Ix-Style Braised Meat. On the way, we’ll also take a look at some of the raw ingredients used in Glitch, and compare them to what we have available out here in the real world, so we’ll touch on everything from the mundane Pinch of Salt to unravelling the mysteries of Old(er) Spice. The biggest challenge right now is deciding where to start. Watch this space.